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Mike Burket - Guitar Instructor

Mike Burket - Guitar Instructor

Mike started playing guitar as a child and found it to be a major focus for himself. Guitar offered a positive outlet for his energies as a young man. It enabled him to find a sense of accomplishment as well as nurtured his self-esteem while simultaneously occupying his time providing him little opportunity to get into trouble.

As he found success in his achievements on the guitar it began to greatly affect all aspects of his young life. He learned more about himself as a person and most significantly discovered how he learned best which led him to graduate college with high honors due to his developed learning habits.

While in school he started performing as a “hired gun” guitar player sitting in with professional bands as a teenager. This eventually led to more permanent guitar jobs allowing him to tour regionally right out of high school and through college.

Mike began teaching his peers and discovered that he could communicate guitar ideas to many different kinds of people and age groups based on what he understood about how people learn. Over the years many of his students have either gone on to play professionally or have been accepted into college music programs.

Mike has a passion for teaching as well as performing and has had the privilege to play in front of thousands of people and has shared the stage with many regional and national musicians.

He is currently on tour with Mighty McFly, an 80’s music tribute band, and teaches in the middle of the week when not on the road maintaining a full and consistent teaching schedule and student load. It is his passion to see everyone enjoy the benefits of guitar whether they aspire to be a professional or just want the enjoyment of a being a hobbyist.